Thursday, November 16, 2006

Google Desktop, not for me again!

Google Desktop Blog wrote about their new side bar, so I wondered what new features and improvement had been added since their first launch. I've installed once when it launched and didn't like it. Today I revisited their website again and found interesting features like transparent sidebar, gadgets and plug-ins, etc.. So I installed it again to see how cool it is. After I installed, I set the sidebar to auto hide and I like it. It works like windows auto hide taskbar feature. I removed default gadgets that I don't want such as news(my home page is, gtalk(I always have my gmail open in one browser window that has gtalk), etc.. and I ended up having local weather on my google desktop sidebar(even though I already have FireFox plug-in for local weather). I was browsing other gadgets and installed a gadget that display system informations. Bah.. It shows I only have 94MB free memory on my system. So I check my memory usage and found out that google desktop is using about 67MB of system memory and staying at the top when you index running processes by memory usage(high to low). I've only two gadgets installed in my sidebar at that time. Google desktop visited for 15 minutes on my system second time. I've 512MB system memory on my system and it had been sufficient for all other applications that I use everyday. Sadly I let it go second time because of a big chunk of memory usage. Those of you who has 1GB of system memory may want to install and enjoy those cool gadgets but not me..

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