Monday, December 04, 2006

Getting a Wii

Watch this for a guy how he got his Wii.

Playing wii looks so much fun...


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Google Desktop, not for me again!

Google Desktop Blog wrote about their new side bar, so I wondered what new features and improvement had been added since their first launch. I've installed once when it launched and didn't like it. Today I revisited their website again and found interesting features like transparent sidebar, gadgets and plug-ins, etc.. So I installed it again to see how cool it is. After I installed, I set the sidebar to auto hide and I like it. It works like windows auto hide taskbar feature. I removed default gadgets that I don't want such as news(my home page is, gtalk(I always have my gmail open in one browser window that has gtalk), etc.. and I ended up having local weather on my google desktop sidebar(even though I already have FireFox plug-in for local weather). I was browsing other gadgets and installed a gadget that display system informations. Bah.. It shows I only have 94MB free memory on my system. So I check my memory usage and found out that google desktop is using about 67MB of system memory and staying at the top when you index running processes by memory usage(high to low). I've only two gadgets installed in my sidebar at that time. Google desktop visited for 15 minutes on my system second time. I've 512MB system memory on my system and it had been sufficient for all other applications that I use everyday. Sadly I let it go second time because of a big chunk of memory usage. Those of you who has 1GB of system memory may want to install and enjoy those cool gadgets but not me..

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Firefox 2.0 is now officially released!

Firefox 2.0 is now officially released and can be download at Mozilla Firefox page. Check out the release note here
One thing I noticed from this version is Mozilla had set the the minimum width for each tab and this is because of the tab close button on each tab and readability of the tab title. So when I open more than 12 tabs(number of tabs may varies according to the monitor's screen resolution), there are two horizontal scroll button came up(next to very left and right of the tabs to view those tabs that couldn't fit under the Firefox window. I used to open more than 12 tabs in one Firefox window and I don't like that horizontal scroll bar to view the hidden tabs. I've hunt down under about:config and I was able to edit the minimum tab width to 50(default is 100). I edited that minimum tab width because I don't really care about the close button (I use All-in_One Gesture to close the tab)and readability of the tab title. Here is how if you want to edit the tab minimum width, here is what I did.
- Type about:config in your Firefox browser
- Filter with browser.tabs.tabMinWidth
- Double click on it and set your desire value(default is 100 and I set it to 50)
- Done!


Monday, October 23, 2006

A Cello Rendo by Ethan Winer

This is an amazing video of Ethan Winer playing 37 separate cello parts to create one song. He even plays the percussion parts on his ... all » cello. It was recorded on 23 tracks using 37 plug-in effects. He spent hundreds of hours on this project so its worth a listen.

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Firefox 2.0 is Here!

Final release of Firefox 2.0 is due on Oct. 24, 2006. However Mozilla had pack up everything and uploaded to their FTP server and ready to announce it tomorrow. If you don't want to download with many folks when they announce tomorrow, you can download it today here (link disabled because of this) today!
Some of your favorite extensions may not work with Firefox 2.0 until those extensions are updated. Until then here is how to make those extensions work. Have fun.


Friday, October 13, 2006

These BMX guys are good!

These BMX guys must have been broken their body parts before they get that smooth! One of the best I've ever seen!


Monday, October 09, 2006

How hard drive works inside

This video shows how hard drive works while you are doing something on your computer. Watch this video and read the following paragraph from Wikipedia and imagine if you shake/bang your laptop or desktop while operating(while disk is spinning at at the speed of 5400 r.p.m or 7200 r.p.m or more.)

"Hard drives have a mostly sealed enclosure that protects the drive internals from dust, condensation, and other sources of contamination. The hard disk's read-write heads fly on an air bearing which is a cushion of air only nanometers above the disk surface. The disk surface and the drive's internal environment must therefore be kept immaculate to prevent damage from fingerprints, hair, dust, smoke particles and such, given the sub-microscopic gap between the heads and disk." source: Wikipedia

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Add Google Gadgets to your webpage

I just read the Yes, you can have a pony post from and wanna try it. So here it is!

Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed: "......the code I got from Google Gadgets......"
I guess it is not for
No, I can't have a pony yet!


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Google Reader rocks with new features

I tried Google Reader a while back and it was just a regular rss feeds reader. Today google updated the Google Reader with new features and google got me with this one again. List view will show your subscribed feeds just like your Inbox in gmail. In other word, in will be yoru Inbox for the web. I just play with it for a while and I found add to folders to your feed which is similar to lable in gmail and it has keyboard shotcuts too \:D/. I am not a big fan of rss feed before, since I found out this google reader with new features, I will be subscribing many feeds instead of using Firefox Open in tabs feature(which I like a lot). Another feature that doesn't have in gmail is you can tag each items from the feeds and share(make public not just with your firends) your tags. Thanks google for innovative FREE products like this. :-)


I don't know what to say

This video contains nudity content but it is not a pornographic video clip. I don't know what to say after I watched this vieo... What would you say?


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Peek-A-Boo Comments

I've seen this post for a while back on blogger Help site and it. ( is a verb. It doesn't have ed at the end for past tense like "put" because it doesn't look good when ed is added) :-). I've been busy and didn't have much time to play with this peek-a-boo comments hack. Today I got a few spare time and here it is. I'm going to post two comments to this post by myself to test how it looks.

Edit: there is some problem showing up tags on left panel. So I've to set it back.

Edit again: I think I did it! Because the manual explained as in general and I've to tweak it to work with the template that I'm using in this blog. If you are having a same problem, hit me up with an email and I will help you out(of course if I can). Have fun! :-)

Happy Birthday Google!

Google just turned V.III.
Happy 8irthday Goo8le!


Friday, September 15, 2006

Three Years Old just turned 3 today. Congrats, Happy Birthday and thanks for indroducing delicious!



Thursday, September 14, 2006

Are you an Electrical Engineer?

Are you an ELectrical Engineer? Watch this product information video above and think about what do you think of that product. Visit this link to find out more about this product and judge yourself. Have fun :-)


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Hard Drive Turns 50 today, Sept 13, 2006

IBM first introduced on September 13, 1956 and the capacity was a mere 5MB stored across fifty 24in platters. Today, it's not just the size of hard disks that has increased. The performance of fixed disk media has also evolved considerably.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Search Search Search!

You can find and download different music, films, programs, archives and documents from all over the Internet, without any boundaries on Gegereka. Absolutely free.
Supported file types to search:
.mp3 .wav .jpg .gif .avi .mpg .zip
.rar .gz .exe .doc .txt .pdf .xls .ppt


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The War on Terror in the Bourne shell

This is how *nix user going to handle the war on terror in the shell.

$ cd /middle_east
$ ls
Afghanistan Iraq Libya Saudi_Arabia UAE
Algeria Israel Morrocco Sudan Yemen
Bahrain Jordan Oman Syria
Egypt Kuwait Palestine Tunisia
Iran Lebanon Qatar Turkey

$ cd Afghanistan
$ ls
bin Taliban
$ rm Taliban
rm: Taliban is a directory
$ cd Taliban
$ ls
$ rm soldiers
$ cd ..
$ rmdir Taliban
rmdir: directory "Taliban": Directory not empty
$ cd Taliban
$ ls -a
. .. .insurgents
$ chown -R USA .*
chown: .insurgents: Not owner
$ cd ..
$ su
Password: *******
# mv Taliban /tmp
# exit
$ ls
read the rest here. Good Job guys!


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Can beginner to Linux use Slackware? Yes you can!

I wrote something about Slackware Linux that I have it on my desktop. I also wrote that I tried Mandrake Linux first before I loaded Slackware on my desktop. What I got in my mind is what if beginner to Linux wants to try Slackware? Good idea or bad idea? First of all, I want to say that this is just my thinking based on my experiences of learning Linux. It could not be suited well for certain people. I do not want this post as a starting point for another distribution war between Linux users. Slackware for beginners? Most people will say it sounds scary. Let's break it down.

Slackware Linux
In 1993, Patrick Volkerding designed Slackware with east of use and stability as top priority goals. Slackware Linux Project has aimed at producing the most "UNIX-like" Linux distribution out there. Slackware complies with the published Linux standards, such as the Linux File System Standard. Slackware have always considered simplicity and stability paramount, and as a result Slackware has become one of the most popular, stable, and friendly distributions available.

For Beginners
Before I start, I just want to make it clear. Yes, a user who is new to Linux, want to know/learn about Linux, has some knowledge of computers, not afraid to learn how to edit various files and scripts by hand while configuring it, willing to read documentation if required, can use Slackware. However, I don't recommend to a user who just want to use Linux but don't want to know about it, you want software installation to be click-n-run, just use other Linux distributions like Linspire, Mepis or Ubuntu.

Slackware Pros:

- Free
You can download Slackware for free. There are many sites available to download Slackware iso.
Download links: Get Slack, Planet Mirror,,, Slackware Torrent

- Clean (not bloated), Simple and Fast
Slackware is not bloated with extra stuff, even the word "Slackware" is hardly find in the OS after you installed Slackware not like other Linux OS. Slackware is always keep it clean and which is great for older computers to run at full speed.

- Solid stability and security
Slackware always use stable kernel and packages and don't try to include all latest which are still in testing stage gives users solid stability and security.

- Complete configurable as the way you want
Slackware don't control how you manage your system, it is your own system and configure the way you want. If you don't want some services not to run at start up, just change the mode of that service not to run. Slackware will never stop you from doing this and that because of blah blah blah.. (of course if you know what you are doing).

- Knowledgeable community
If you ask for help in forum/community, slackware community is the best. They always try to help each other out. Even in other distribution forum, you will see many answers from Slacker because most Slackware users know what they are doing.

- Compatible with old hardware
Slackware Linux doesn't require an extremely powerful system to run (though having one is quite nice :). It will run on systems as far back as the 486. You will be amazed by looking at the following list of minimum system requirements needed to install and run Slackware.

  • 486 processor
  • 16MB RAM (32MB suggested)
  • 100-500 megabytes of hard disk space for a minimal and around 3.5GB for full install
  • 3.5" floppy drive
Additional hardware may be needed if you want to run the X Window System at a usable speed or if you want network capabilities. Slackware always stick with the stable kernel which works on most system whether it's 7 years old or whether it's 9 months ago. Simply nice :).

- Great learning tool
Many other distributions just don't challenge a linux user to "learn" as much as they could because they keep using GUI to makes changes to their system. What do you do when GUI breaks and you need to fix something?

- Slackware knowledge can applied to other *nixes
The Slackware Philosophy said the Slackware Linux Project has aimed at producing the most "UNIX-like" Linux distribution out there. Slackware complies with the published Linux standards, such as the Linux File System Standard. So if you know Slackware, you know Linux! :)

Slackware Cons:

- Steep learning curve
For a beginner to Linux, it is a steep learning curve to use Slackware, but hay you want to learn Linux right?

- Menu driven text based installation
It will tell you what it is going to do with installation. If you are used to with GUI installation, it will be a bit different installation for you. But you can configure your system as you like during installation. For me it is better because I can pick what packages to install and not to install. I don't have to reinstall after one-click GUI installation of some other Linux Distributions. Not to mention, Slackware installation is a lot faster than other distributions.

- Literacy required
Some computer literacy required to use Slackware. This can be easily solve by visiting Slackware forums and read some general informations about Slackware. Here is a list of friendly and helpful forums and helpful sites:

Slackware Tips and Tricks by Jack S. Lai

The Revised Slackware Book Project

Installing Slackware Linux

Configuring XFree86 in Slackware

SLackware Installation Guide in PDF

Slackware Linux Basics

For Beginners to Linux

Most of the users who wanted to try Slackware but still haven't try it yet are mostly they have heard of Slackware installation. Most people think that menu driven text based installation is quite challenging. If you want to start using slackware either you are the one who want to know what Linux is about or you want simplicity and stability of Slackware. If you are in first group, Slackware's menu driven text based installation is like a door-gift for you. It will ask you how do you want to partition your hard drive. You can decide how many partitions you want and what file system you want to format with. Then you can select what packages you want to install it on your system. If you are in the second group there are step by step installation tutorial about how to install a slackware. This site has a great manual how to install Slackware. I know this manual is for Slackware 9.2, current stable Slackware release is 10.2 and, Slackware 11 is coming soon. So this manual is out of date? It could be true for other distributions, but not for Slackware. Slackware always keep its rule called KISS (Keep It Simple & Stupid). So the versions in the manual is out-dated, however you can still apply it to latest Slackware installation because it is already simple and the can't make more simple :). Here is the another great site by a great slackware user. It will explain you start to the end. Just follow the instructions and your Slackware box will be up and running in an hour. The following is from Slackware Linux Basics.This is a short overview of the important directories on a Slackware Linux system and I think it is very important to know before you use Slackware.
  • /bin: essential user binaries that should still be available in case the /usr is not mounted.

  • /dev: device files. These are special files used to access certain devices.

  • /etc: the /etc directory contains all important configuration files.

  • /home: contains home directories for individual users.

  • /lib: essential system libraries (like glibc), and kernel modules.

  • /root: home directory for the root user.

  • /sbin: essential binaries that are used for system administration.

  • /tmp: a world-writable directory for temporary files.

  • /usr/X11R6: the X Window System.

  • /usr/bin: stores the majority of the user binaries.

  • /usr/lib: libraries that are not essential for the system to boot.

  • /usr/sbin: nonessential system administration binaries.

  • /var: variable data files, like logs.

Dare to Slack? I think this post has enough information to be a Slacker eventhough you are new to Linux. There is a saying "Once you Slacke, you never go back!" Google is your firend!
Happy Birthday Linux!
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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dedications to Aung San Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace laureate for 1991 is still under house arrest by Burmese military regime. I've seen this news about Black eyed peas launch freedom campaign for imprisoned Nobel prize recipient Aung San Suu Kyi on Aug 01 2006 and searching for the video. Finally I found it today and uploaded to youtube. I also searched other videos dedicated to Aung San Suu Kyi. These videos are Walk On by U2 and Unplayed Piano by Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan, so combined these videos in one post.

Where Is The Love - Black Eyed Peas

Walk On - U2

Unplayed Piano - Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Youtube is down as of I'm posting this

I noticed that all blogs that has embeded yutube video are blank and I wondered why. I was first thought blogger blocked youtube videos, less likely. I searched on google and didn't find anything. Finally I typed in my browser and bang! as seen on the screenshot I took, it is down again.
What I really like youtube staffs is how they manage their money for their office. No overhead for their office at all. I hope it will be back up soon :-)

Friday, August 11, 2006

Patching up my windows and something about Linux

Well, I'm the one who disabled Windows Automatic Update, Windows Firewall, Windows Security Center, Windows balloon tips and almost everything that Windows XP automatically do it without asking me. It is not because of my Windows XP OS is pirated version, but it is really annoying to me. I do Windows Update manually. Department of Homeland Security released the announcement saying everyone should patch up to Protect against a vulnerability found in windows operating systems. So patch it up guys. If you are seriously tired of patching up windows, try Linux. I would recommend to everyone.

If you decided to use Linux, the first benefit no more spending money for OS and expensive software like Office. No more virus and spyware! You will eventually learn more about how things work on your computer. You will know what you are doing (which is important because some people don't know what they are doing). Because of I'm telling this, don't think that I'm a Linux fan boy. I use Windows at work and home too. My laptop has windows 2000 and my desktop has windows XP and my other desktop has Slackware.

Both Windows and Linux have their advantages and disadvantages, so I use both. I want to keep my options open, so I tried Linux last 3 years ago. Isn't it good if you know how to use both Windows and Linux? When I started using Linux, I started with Mandrake (now it is called Mendavia). At that time Mandrake is a pretty decent Distro for newbie. At that time, I was playing with Linux just for fun. While using Mandrake, I noticed that it does some thing automatically and I'm the one who doesn't like things get done automatically without telling me. So I started browsing at Distrowatch and Then I found RedHat and used it for a while. I got dependency hell with RedHat. Finally I found Slackware Linux and which is my main Linux OS until now.

For those who want to try the flavor of Linux, there are many LiveCDs available out there. You don't have to install anything to use LiveCD. I would recommend Knoppix to try. If you like the flavor of Linux, you may consider installing it on your computer as dual boot. Ubunutu is very popular today for beginner to Linux (I've never used it though). If you really like Linux and want to know inside out about Linux, give Slackware a try.

Well, I don't know why I started with patching Windows operating system and talking about Linux. I'm gonna change the title of this post and wrap it up here. Remember if you have any questions about Linux, there is always and people out there are very friendly and willing to help each other. Have fun guys!

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Youtube Office?

Wondering how's office looks like? Yes, above picture is the Camera phone picture from inside YouTube's office. Some people may doubt about how can you say that this crappy cellphone photo could be the office? This video convinced me.
Source: Digg

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

BMW M5 vs. AUDI RS4, on a crowded highway!

Shot from the dashcam of a BMW M5 while racing an AUDI RS4. AUDI R54 somked M5 sometimes during the race though.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Get Free Google Writely Invitations

Writely allows you to edit documents online with whomever you choose, and then publish and blog them online.
- Upload Word documents, OpenOffice, RTF, HTML or text (or create documents from scratch).
- Use our simple WYSIWYG editor to format your documents, spell-check them, etc.
- Invite others to share your documents (by e-mail address).
- Edit documents online with whomever you choose.
- View your documents' revision history and roll back to any version.
- Publish documents online to the world, or to just who you choose.
- Download documents to your desktop as Word, OpenOffice, RTF, PDF*, HTML or zip.
- Post your documents to your blog.
Get your free invite here


Friday, July 28, 2006

Google Talk added more features

Google Talk just launched new version and added more features such as File Transfer, Voicemail, and Music Status. Download latest version here.
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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Adding GMail this to your browser

While you are reading an interesting artical and don't have time rignt now or you just want to share this article with your friends. Here is the easy way to send that link to yourself or your friend using the GMail this. Just need to drag drop this GMail This to your browser toolbar or Bookmarks. Try to click that GMail this to see how it works!



Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dennis Hwang? Who is that ? You have seen his drawings many times everyday!

You still thinking who Dennis Hwang is? Read on..
(CNN)-- "Dennis Hwang may be the most famous unknown artist in the world -- his work doesn't hang in galleries or museums, but it's been viewed hundreds of millions of times."
Check what he had done here


Sunday, July 16, 2006

How to fix Firefox freezing while opening a PDF file

If you are a Firefox user, you must experienced all firefox windows froze while opening the pdf file. While the pdf file is loading, all of your browser windows are frozen and you can’t do anything else. It is because firefox is loading using pdf plug-in for firefox. Even crashes your entire browser sometime. So while bother using plug-in, if you can open all pdf file using acrobat reader itself. You can browse something else with your firefox while it is loading. Here is the trick:
1. Go to the “Tools -> Options” menu
2. Select the “Downloads” tab
3. Open “View and Edit Actions…”
4. Enter “pdf” in the “Search” box
5. Select “Change Action…”
6. Change the selection from “Use this Plugin” to “Open them with the default application”, which should point to Adobe Acrobat Reader, or your favorite PDF viewer.
7. Click "OK", "Close", and "OK".
That's it.
Now when you open any pdf file from Firefox. It won't freeze your firefox and load the pdf file with Adobe Acrobat Reader, or your favorite PDF viewer instead.
All credit goes to XForms Everywhere

Update: I don't see that problem in Adobe Reader 7.0 and later versions anymore!


Friday, July 14, 2006

Rebtel offers cheap international mobile calling

Introducing Rebtel – the new way to call the world from your mobile phone.

The service is available in 30 countries and it works by people creating a Rebtel account at, where they register their mobile phone number and the mobile phone number of their global friends and family. Rebtel then creates pairs of local numbers and SMSes them in a text message so that friends and family can then save the numbers in their address books.

These numbers can then be used to make cheap international calls. For example, a user in London gets a London number for calling a friend or family member in San Francisco. The person in San Francisco gets a San Francisco number for calling the friend in London.

The international calls are connected using VoIP. However, unlike most VoIP offerings, a computer is not needed. Instead, customers use their mobile phones to connect to the Rebtel network, which then routes the calls between 30 countries around the world.

The service costs $1 a week, but the charge is not applied if the service is not used. The fee gives customers access to two services: REBin and REBout.

The REBout service allows customers to use local numbers to make cheap international calls, paying only for the local call and a small per-minute fee to Rebtel.

However, it is the REBin service that will attract the most attention, mostly because it is totally free, other than the weekly $1 fee. A customer makes a call to his or her international friend. The local call is connected with their international friend's local call in a virtual room called a REBroom. To get to the REBroom, instead of answering their friend's local number, the recipient hangs up, and while the friend hangs on, the user calls the friend's local number and the two calls are automatically connected. They can then speak for as long as they want, without any charges.
Learn more about Rebtel. I'm loving it! Hang up, Hang on, Hang out! \:D/

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

How to tie your shoelace fast

Here is the video how to tie your shoelace fast.


Logic Game for your brain

This is a nice logic game. You have to work your way through this trying to work out the URL of the next number. Here is the example:
1. Begin at
2. The number 1 is displayed on the first page; this is your clue to get to level 2
3. Hint: the answer will be similar in format to the clue
4. To get to level 2, replace the "1" in with the "answer"
5. If you are stuck, click on the number 1 displayed on your screen and it will give you level 2
6. Look at the new url.
8. What would you put in the blank to get to level 3?

Last night, I got up to step 27.. need some hints?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Quick Change Artists on America's Got Talent

I don't know how they did. But it is amazing!


Zidane World Cup Headbutt Animation

Zinedine Zidane's savage headbutt of Marco Materazzi in the World Cup final has been one thing to talk about by many people all over the world after the Wolrld Cup 2006. Now it came in as Zidane World Cup Headbutt Animation Festival..
Check more animation here
Those animations are started from this thread.


Lucky or Unlucky?

I don't know what to say about this guy. Is he lucky or unlucky? What would you say?


firefox 2.0 beta 1 available to download

firefox 2.0 beta 1 is available now here.
It will run a compatibility check and any incompatible extensions/plugins will be deactivated. But here is how to enable all extensions in Firefox 2.0.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Cooking For Engineers

Cooking for Engineers?? What the hack? "Have an analytical mind? Like to cook? This is the site to read!". It is not a joke. Step by step instructions with pictures, recipes, Ingredients Dictionary, Equipment & Gear. I like the reciepe table at the bottom of each article.


World Cup 2006, Third Place, Live feed - Germany vs. Portugal

Third Place Match July 8, 2006

Germany vs. Portugal


Friday, July 07, 2006

Free Web Conferencing and Collaboration

I just foung the another Free web conferencing and collaboration tool today. Vyew is a browser-based conferencing and always-on collaboration platform that provides instant visual communication without the need for client downloads or installations.
Vyew's multimedia workspace enables shared viewing of presentations, files, photos and one's desktop. Included are tools for whiteboarding, annotating, text chatting, and phone conferencing. Try it here.

How to use Notepad to Create a Log File

To create a log file in Notepad:
1. Click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Notepad.

2. Type .LOG (this is case sensitive, not .log) on the first line, and then press ENTER to move to the next line.

3. On the File menu, click Save As, type a descriptive name for your file in the File name box, and then click OK. When you next open the file, note that the date and time have been appended to the end of the log, immediately preceding the place where new text can be added.

4. You can use this functionality to automatically add the current date and time to each log entry.

Source: Microsoft
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Best Online Whiteboard Ever

This is the best online whiboard ever. It allows multi-users to join in.
Going to be very handy in some case. Very cool/fun collaboration tool. Try it here, it will waste your good amount of time.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

World Cup Semi Final Live Feed - France vs. Portugal

Semi-final Match July 5, 2006
Live coverage begins at 2:55 PM Eastern Time.

France vs. Portugal

or try this one

France vs. Portugal

My favorite Brazil is out from World cup now. So, whoever get the championship won't make any drifference to me.. I may not be watching this match..

Enjoy yourself guys!


Thursday, June 29, 2006

Long waiting Google Checkout launched today

Google has launched the Google Checkout today (June 29, 2006). Google Checkout supports a variety of payment methods, including credit cards from Visa International, MasterCard Internationa, American Express and Discover Bank. Meanwhile, Citibank cardholders who enroll in Google Checkout and make at least one purchase before Sept. 15 will receive either a credit on their statement, cash back or reward-program points. Many stores are participating Google Checkout launching party and offering $10 off your order of $20 or more.
Take a tour here


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

McDonald Flash Game

I personally don't like eating McDonald's but playing this game is kinda fun. Basically you have to manage McDonald's company to get profit. Test your management skills here.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

TV shows, music videos and anime online!

Watch all your favourite tv shows, music videos and anime online at Peakvid. Internationals movies, drama series, and music videos are also available.


World Cup 2006 Goals and Highlights Archive

Highlights and goals of all matches archive for FIFA World Cup 2006. If you missed any match of World Cup, you can watch here. Videos are hosted on youtube so quality is not excellent though.


World Cup Live Feed, June 27 - Spain vs. France

World cup 2006 live feed.
Live coverage begins at 2:55 PM ET

Spain vs. France



World Cup Live Feed, June 27 - Brazil vs. Ghana

World cup live feed.

Brazil vs. Ghana



Monday, June 26, 2006

World Cup Live feed, June 26 - Switzerland vs. Ukraine

June 26, 2006 match 2. Match starts at 2:55 PM.

Watch this live feed on your PC.

Switzerland vs. Ukraine


Free online image editor - Cellsea

I just found the new free online image editor called Cellsea. It will let you load image from your PC, from image link from the web, or you can provide web page URL and it will load all imaged on that URL and let you pick the image you want to edit on that page. Kinda cool and handy.

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World Cup Live feed, June 26 - Italy vs. Australia

June 26, 2006 first match.

Italy vs. Australia


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Amazing Pull-Apart Girl Magic

Amazing magic trick. I wonder what happened with that woman after the show. Some said that video is edited video. Any one know?

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Micro Shots of Insects

Amazing micro shots of insects. More micro pictures are available on this site

Thanks NYI LYNN SECK for the interesting post.


Amazing clouds over Iowa sky

A weather phenomenon filled the skies of Eastern Iowa Tuesday, and meteorologists say it's something we might not see again.

News Link (videos are also available)
More Images

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World Cup Live feed - Argentina vs. Mexico

Live feed

Argentina vs. Mexico



Friday, June 23, 2006

Watch World Cup 2006 on your PC

Quick instructions

Download the TVU player.

Run the installer program from your desktop.

Look for the TVU icon added to your desktop and double-click it.


Credit goes to Paul Boutin

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World Cup 2006 Jun 23 Live feed

Today matches

Saudi Arabia Vs. Spain
Ukraine Vs.Tunisia



Performancing for Firefox 1.2

I heard about Performancing for firefox blogging tool since I started this blog. Today I've a chance to play with it for a while. I've set up Metrics for my blog to check the stats of my blogs. I'm using this tool to publish this post right from Firefox browser. I saw Technorati (I don't know much about it yet, will try it later) in Page tools and in Bookmarks (my favourite bookmarking site by the way). Adding tags from Performencing seems promising, since this is my first time publishing the post using this too, I can't say much about it. So far, it is very time saver for posting to a blog. If this post turns out as I expected, I would be using this tool for posting from now on. Don't let me down Performancing!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Howto use Free 1G online storage as network drive on your PC

Box is afree Online Storage. It will allow to access any files that you uploaded to storage from any computer anywhere. Free Online Storage features includes:
- Save backup copies of important files
- Move documents between your computers
- Setup sub-accounts for multiple user access
- Store photos and other important memories
- 1GB for free or 5GB for only $4.99/month
Yes, 1G free storage and you can do Webdav from any computer that has internet access. So I upload some importants file and some handy tools to my account. It allows me to access that drive from anywhere when I need it. To manage my Online Storage easily, I managed to use my free 1G Online storage as my network drive (Webdav)
This is the how to for adding 1G storage as a network drive on any PC. I'm gonig to show you as how I did on my Windows XP machine(Windows 2000 will have a little bit different steps, however the main idea is the same).

1. Sign-up for your free 1G storage at Box
2. Launch the "window explorer" or "internet explorer". In the Address bar, type “My Network Places” and hit “Enter”

3. Click “Add a Network Place” under Network Tasks. (Hint: If you used window explorer to launch “My Network Place”, you may need to close left panel window to see Network Tasks.

4. Click Next on “Add Network Place” window.

5. Select “Choose another network location” and click Next.

6. Enter for Internet or network address, and click “Next”

7. Enter your username and password and click “OK”

8. Enter the name of your Box network drive as you like.

9. Click “Finish” to complete

10. Your Free 1G storage from can be access from your desktop PC(My network place).

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Dell laptop explodes at Japanese conference

An inquirer reader attending a conference in Japan was sat just feet away from a laptop computer that suddenly exploded into flames and snapped it as amazing pictures.


Google Map updated many cities in high resolution satellite images

Google added many places in high resolution satellite images around the world. I've been using Google Maps since it launched and it is getting better and better. Well done Google team!
Google Map


Gmail down for some accounts

Many Gmail users are getting "Server Error" message for several hours. Many users reported about that issue. Weird thing is one account is working fine but other account didn't work in same location. My account is working fine as I'm posting this.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Added tags and Diggit to all post

I found out that it is really hard to find old posts as my posts grow. So I added tags to all of my posts and linked with tags. I also added tagrolls to the sidebar for easy access to all my posts using tags.
I also add Diggit link for diggers.

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How to open a bottle of beer in many ways

This video will show you how to open a bottle of beer in many ways.


Cool Rare "Rainbow" Spotted Over Idaho

This rainbow spotted over Idaho just looks cool!



Another way of advertising

This clip is of an interactive advertisment planted in a busy subway (SMRT/SBS Transit) station. It's basically a projector showing ads on the floor with interaction with the people walking by.


Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Daw Aung San Suu Kyi!

"It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it." (Aung San Suu Kyi, Freedom from Fear (1991))

June 19, 2006 is the 60th Birthday of Aung San Suu Kyi, (pronounced Aung Sawn Sue Chee) Nobel Peace laureate, one of the world's most renown freedom fighters and advocates of nonviolent, having served as the figurehead for Burma's struggle for democracy since 1988.
Many people around the world are celeberating her birthday withour her, since she is still under house arrest.
On your 60th birthday, I wish your life and your wishes will be coincided from this birthday to the future."

About Aung Sann Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi's Birthday Links:
Happy birthday, Aung San Suu Kyi
Leading US Congressman Delivers Suu Kyi Birthday Cards to Burmese Embassy
Aung San Suu Kyi Celebrates 60th Birthday Under House Arrest
Statement Of Senator Mitch McConnell On Resolution Honoring Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
Aung San Suu Kyi Birthday Wish Campaign


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Throwing a bowl of liquid nitrogen in the swimming pool

Ever wonder what happens when you dump a bucket of liquid nitrogen into a swimming pool? At Penguicon 4 in 2006, Nifty Guest Howard Tayler of took this video of Penguicon co-founder Rob Landley throwing a bowl of liquid nitrogen in the swimming pool, and the resulting billow of fog.


Google Checkout preparing to launch

I've read Google Checkout or Gbuy is about to launch on Cnet. According to Eric Schmidt, Google Checkout will not be like PayPal (if you mean person to person transactions) — but it will be very much like PayPal if you mean a way to accept payment for items online through a website. I've test and it took me to log-in page saying "Sign in to Purchases with your Google Account".


Microsoft France Hacked Today

According to SecurityDOT, Microsoft France was hacked today (06-18-2006). site is still down while I'm posting this. Screenshot had been taken.


Australia's Technological World Cup Advantage

The Socceroos are running software that looks for patterns in attacks of the opposing team. It also shows the effectiveness of different response strategies by recording where attacks fail when countered. I've seen how Australian team played on last world cup qualifying matches and not impressed by their style of play and performance. However, in the 2006 World Cup, I was impressed by how they play with Japan and Brazil so far. This is the first time in more than 30 years that Australia have qualified for the World Cup finals. May be the software they have been using is really helping the Socceroos??


Report: 86% of E-Mail Traffic is Spam!

I admitted that I've forwarded/sent some useless emails when I started using internet. Since I found out that those emails are actually useless and sometimes annoyed to other people, I stopped forwarding chain emails. Reports show that, "Of the 25 billion messages we processed in May, an astounding 86 percent were malicious or spam," said Andrew Lochart, senior director of marketing for Postini, a messaging security firm based in San Carlos, Calif. Please read below post from if you forward those email and think again if it is worth to forward those emails for using pricious bandwidth.

To all my thoughtful friends,
My heartfelt appreciation goes out to all of you who have taken the time and trouble to send me "forwards" over the past twelve months.
Thank you for making me feel safe, secure, blessed, and wealthy.
Extra thanks to whoever sent me the one about the rat crap in the glue on envelopes cause now I have to go get a wet towel every time I need to seal an envelope.
Also, I scrub the top of every can I open for the same reason.
Because of your concern, I no longer drink Coca Cola because it can remove toilet stains.
I no longer drink Pepsi or Dr Pepper since the people who make these products are atheists who refuse to put "Under God" on their cans.
I no longer use Saran wrap in the microwave because it causes cancer.
I no longer check the coin return on pay phones because I could be pricked with a needle infected with AIDS.
I no longer use cancer-causing deoderants even though I smell like a water buffalo on a hot day.
I no longer go to shopping malls because someone might drug me with a perfume sample and rob me.
I no longer recieve packages from nor send packages by UPS or FedEx since they are actually Al Qaeda in disguise.
I no longer answer the telephone because someone will ask me to dial a number for which I will get a phone bill with calls to Jamaica, Uganda, Singapore, and Uzbekistan.
I no longer eat KFC because their "chickens" are actually horrible mutant freaks with no eyes or feathers.
I no longer have any sneakers -- but that will change when I get my free replacement pair from Nike.
I no longer have to buy expensive cookies from Neiman Marcus since I now have their recipe.
I no longer have to worry about my soul because at last count I have 363214 angels looking out for me.
Thanks to you, I have learned that God only answers my prayers if I forward an e-mail to seven of my friends and make a wish in five minutes.
I no longer have any savings because I gave it to a sick girl that is about to die in the hospital (for the 1387258th time).
I no longer have any money at all - but that will change once I recieve the $15000 that Microsoft and AOL are sending me for participating in their special e-mail program.
Yes, I want to thank you so much for looking out for me that I will now return the favour!
If you don't send this e-mail to 144000 people in the next seven minutes, a large pigeon with a wicked case of diarrhea will land on your head at 5:00 PM (CST) this afternoon. I know this will occur because it actually happened to a friend of my next door neighbor's ex-mother-in-law's second-husband's cousin's beautician.



Craigslist has added many new cities and are categorized by state now.

Q: What is craigslist?
A: Local community classifieds and forums - a place to find jobs, housing, goods & services, social activities, a girlfriend or boyfriend, advice, community information, and just about anything else -- all for free, and in a relatively non-commercial environment.

Q: How did craigslist get started?
A: In early 1995, by Craig Newmark, in San Francisco, California. A little more history is here.

Completely useless facts collection

I was just browsing the web and found this site. A web site of all the useless facts, cool trivia, and interesting information that have been collected from various sources over the past few years. True to its name, most of the facts are useless, but many of them may actually help you in the future. Happy Browsing!

AIMPhoneline + Skypeout = Free all incoming calls & outgoing calls to US and Canada

AIMphoneline launched by AOL is offering a personal, local phone number you can give out to anyone - Your AIM® Digits, Voicemail, Caller ID and more - all FREE
You need to register here and download the software.
AIM Digits are part of the FREE AIM® Phoneline service. When you're online, you can screen calls, answer the ones you want, and talk as long as you'd like. When you're not online, your calls go to voicemail and are delivered to your e-mail.
Use Skypeout for Free calls to all landlines and mobile phones within the US and Canada and receive calls using AIMPhoneline for totally free incoming and outgoing calls. Not bad if you spend most of your time infront of your computer and has high speed internet.
Update: For some reason skypeout link is not showing up in the above paragraph in Firefox. So here is the link
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Saturday, June 17, 2006

How much power you need for your computer?

Which computer brand is the best? Some people will say Dell. All of the computer geeks will say "Custom built PC". While setting up the computer, all devices should get enough power or become a faulty or unstable computer. So how much power you need for your custom built computer with your selections of devices? This site has nice and handy power supply calculator.


Friday, June 16, 2006

Google tests online payment system "Gbuy"

Google's online payment system, Gbuy, is expected to launch June 28. Several retailers have been quietly testing a Google payment system called GBuy. Read more about Gbuy news here, here, here, and here.

World’s first 18x rewritable DVD Writer

I still don't have DVD writer on my desktop PC. I've been waiting for faster write speed. June 14, 2006, the Samsung’s SH-S182D features a speedy 8X double layer recording and quick 12X DVD-RAM recording, providing a five-minute improved RAM writing time over current drives. Which made one step closer for me to own DVD writer, but not my speed yet. :D

Cooling Computers with Tiny Jet Engines

The computer servers that fill huge data centers are producing more heat with every new generation of processors. It's a problem that's sending engineers on a search for cooling fans that are both small enough to fit inside ever-smaller server chassis and powerful enough to dispel increasing amounts of heat. At Hewlett-Packard, they've found one answer in an unexpected place: model jet airplanes. Great idea! I wonder how noisy it is.

Digg CEO Jay Adelson responds to Netscape challenge

Digg CEO Jay Adelson took time out of his busy schedule to email me some thoughts about Netscape's new digg-inspired community news site.
"Finally, we are very proud of the fact that there have been thousands of clones of digg. Keep them coming! (Time Warner is the first billion dollar company to do it, but bring it on. Surprised they went for the look and feel too, though.)
Stay tuned for v3! (Should be fun.)" (Jay Adelson)



Thursday, June 15, 2006

Netscape launches Digg Clone Beta

Netscape has launched a beta home page that turns the portal site into a social network focused on news. I see it as just a clone of Digg with ads everywhere. Ads in the middle of the comments is just a plain annoying! Digg is a technology news website that combines social bookmarking, blogging, RSS, and non-hierarchical editorial control. With digg, users submit stories for review, but rather than allow an editor to decide which stories go on the homepage, the users do. Digg has been one of my favourite sites and visit many times a day. You can compare how clean and simple is and Netscape Beta by yourself.
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Firefox Add-On with Live Updates from the World Cup

Mozilla had released a Firefox Extension for the World Cup that shows you notifications of goals/penalties/etc right in the browser. Great way to follow the World Cup while you're at work. GOOOOOAL! I found that the sidebar is little annoying to me so I turn it off. This add-on also shows scores/updates in the status bar. To turn off the sidebar, click Tools\Extensions, then right click on Companion and uncheck the open sidebar on browser starts. I know that FootieFox does the same thing however it was showing random scores for all matches and kind of leg in updating scores for me. So I switched to this one. We will see..

Post to added

You will notice the icon at the bottom of each post. What is that icon? What do I do with that? Well, I just added it last night for readers who use users can now post articles from this blog as easy as two quick clicks.
If you are not a user, you may wonder what is? is a collection of favorites - yours and everyone else's. Use to:
* Keep links to your favorite articles, blogs, music, restaurant reviews, and more on and access them from any computer on the web.
* Share favorites with friends, family, and colleagues.
* Discover new things. Everything on is someone's favorite - they've already done the work of finding it. Explore and enjoy.
If you are thinking to give a try, I recommend to read this before you starts, which will make your clean and save your time.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More of your information than you think might be online

(CNN) -- If you are worried about a thief stealing your identity, it's not your wallet that needs guarding -- it's your state and local governments. Government Web sites often display Social Security numbers.. Read more


Picasa Web Albums

Google just launched Picasa Web Albums TEST service available to sign up.
It’s available by invitation, along with the latest downloadable version of Picasa, and offers:

* One-click web upload using Picasa’s new “Web Album” button
* Free storage space to post and share approximately 1000 photos, with the option to upgrade to more space
* High-quality photos, automatically resized and optimized to fill available screen space
* Pre-loaded images enable quick scrolling using arrow keys, and mimic a desktop experience of “flipping” through photos, even on the web
* End-to-end photo management that makes it easy to download uploaded photos back to your computer
I've jsut signed up and waiting for the invite. I've viewed Picasa user’s Public Gallery and found that transitions between photos are very fast!
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Warcraft III and Google Earth on a Table

This video shows some PhD students research on multi user multimodal tabletop interaction. It allows multi user gesture and speech interaction ... all over Google Earth and Warcraft III on a digital table display. For more information please visit project homepage.


How hard is cancelling the AOL account?

A guy tried to cancel his AOL account.Knowing the frustration of cancelling AOL service he decided to record the conversation between him and CSR of AOL. Read more and listen what he recorded here.

Google Earth (Release 4 - BETA)

The latest version of Google Earth is being released in beta form. The nav panel at the bottom of the screen is gone, freeing up more real estate for actual imagery. The nav panel tools are still accessible, though; the nav controllers are now in the upper right and the tools (measure, print, email) are in the new tools bar along the top. improved the terrain and Linux version of Google Earth is now available in beta. Download free version of Google Earth.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Random Live web cams

Somebody diggit and I found it interesting. These Random Live webcams were found automatically through a variety of clever search techniques. Their owners might or might not have intended for them to be public. But they obviously are.
This one is what I've found on the net long time ago. Similar to those random live webcams.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Algonkian Regional Park Golf Course

Today, I went to play golf at Algonkian Regional Park Golf Course. One nice thing of this golf course is you can see deers are going around on the fairway. Today I aslo saw a fox crossing infront of the Tee. I shot some pictures of deers and fox.

Deer in the rough

Deer next to the fairway

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