Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Peek-A-Boo Comments

I've seen this post for a while back on blogger Help site and it. ( is a verb. It doesn't have ed at the end for past tense like "put" because it doesn't look good when ed is added) :-). I've been busy and didn't have much time to play with this peek-a-boo comments hack. Today I got a few spare time and here it is. I'm going to post two comments to this post by myself to test how it looks.

Edit: there is some problem showing up tags on left panel. So I've to set it back.

Edit again: I think I did it! Because the manual explained as in general and I've to tweak it to work with the template that I'm using in this blog. If you are having a same problem, hit me up with an email and I will help you out(of course if I can). Have fun! :-)


Anonymous said...

Testing peek-a-boo comments. What do you think of this peek-a-boo comment?

Anonymous said...

This is kinda cool. I know I should create a test blog and do the testing there. But I'm lazy to do that.

dBpr said...

"Youtube is down as of I'm posting this" link is showing up under LINKS TO THIS POST: sometimes
I've no idea why the java script for peek-a-boo is grabbing only that post. Let me know if you know how to fix it. I will find out and post it here if I found the error. Until then, I will just leave like that. :-)