Thursday, September 28, 2006

Google Reader rocks with new features

I tried Google Reader a while back and it was just a regular rss feeds reader. Today google updated the Google Reader with new features and google got me with this one again. List view will show your subscribed feeds just like your Inbox in gmail. In other word, in will be yoru Inbox for the web. I just play with it for a while and I found add to folders to your feed which is similar to lable in gmail and it has keyboard shotcuts too \:D/. I am not a big fan of rss feed before, since I found out this google reader with new features, I will be subscribing many feeds instead of using Firefox Open in tabs feature(which I like a lot). Another feature that doesn't have in gmail is you can tag each items from the feeds and share(make public not just with your firends) your tags. Thanks google for innovative FREE products like this. :-)


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