Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Howto use Free 1G online storage as network drive on your PC

Box is afree Online Storage. It will allow to access any files that you uploaded to storage from any computer anywhere. Free Online Storage features includes:
- Save backup copies of important files
- Move documents between your computers
- Setup sub-accounts for multiple user access
- Store photos and other important memories
- 1GB for free or 5GB for only $4.99/month
Yes, 1G free storage and you can do Webdav from any computer that has internet access. So I upload some importants file and some handy tools to my account. It allows me to access that drive from anywhere when I need it. To manage my Online Storage easily, I managed to use my free 1G Online storage as my network drive (Webdav)
This is the how to for adding 1G storage as a network drive on any PC. I'm gonig to show you as how I did on my Windows XP machine(Windows 2000 will have a little bit different steps, however the main idea is the same).

1. Sign-up for your free 1G storage at Box
2. Launch the "window explorer" or "internet explorer". In the Address bar, type “My Network Places” and hit “Enter”

3. Click “Add a Network Place” under Network Tasks. (Hint: If you used window explorer to launch “My Network Place”, you may need to close left panel window to see Network Tasks.

4. Click Next on “Add Network Place” window.

5. Select “Choose another network location” and click Next.

6. Enter for Internet or network address, and click “Next”

7. Enter your username and password and click “OK”

8. Enter the name of your Box network drive as you like.

9. Click “Finish” to complete

10. Your Free 1G storage from can be access from your desktop PC(My network place).

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